Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The President's Speech

Last night's speech by the president gives me great comfort, but not because I am so swayed by his explanations. I'm heartened by the fact that he thought it necessary to give the speech in the first place. I am especially gratified that he thought he needed to speak at a "friendly" venue, such as Fort Bragg, NC. That choice in itself indicates that his policy and approval rating is in trouble. I was especially surprised that so many people chose not to watch his speech here in West Michigan. On the 11pm news, most of the people interviewed said they didn't watch him. That doesn't necessarily mean they disagree with him (it was a mixed bag), but it does mean that his argument isn't getting across to those he wants to get his argument across to. Especially in this neck of the woods. That's bad for Bush. Hopefully that's good for our common future.

On another note, I was surprised at his lack of religious language in this speech. He has regularly used either scriptural or generically religious language in most of his speeches to great effect. The fact that he (his speech writers) chose to not use that technique is in itself interesting. I'm not quite sure what significance that choice may have. It may have none, but it did surprise me nonetheless. Speaking of Bush's use of "God-Talk" in his speeches, here's an interesting piece about just that. I got the link from a discussion board I occasionally frequent (Is that possible, to "occasionally frequent" something?). I think Mark Roberts begins to open up some intriguing issues about Bush's (and by extension, much of America's) "theology," though I wouldn't be so quick to lay the term "evangelical" on Bush, since he has never claimed that term for himself. Just ask Bush's own people. And besides, the term evangelical has become such a wax nose, that it's doctrinal content is effectively non-existent.

Anyway, as you may guess, I'm actually still home; though I'm still considering going out to Pennsylvania to see my dad. In any case, I will get back to recounting my own theological version of American history. It's just taking longer than I thought.

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aggiesoonermom said...

Do you know the difference between Vietnam and Iraq?

Bush knew how to get out of Vietnam.