Thursday, June 23, 2005

Some links to consider

Here are some good links today to consider that I think can offer some light on what it means to be Christian now. In today's Christianity Today website, their editorial speaks quite well of what we should and should not look to as our final standards in deciding what is right and true. All I can say is: "Well done!" In an interview that they link to, we see Stanley Haurwas's take on what the church's primary responsibility is. I haven't read through the whole document, so I'll reserve my whole-hearted praise till later. But he's always worth listening to, even if there are areas of disagreement. Another piece has an early statement from Fr. Richard John Neuhaus at IRD. Anyway, until I get to the next installment of my whirlwind tour of America's theological and philosophical history, these will have to do. BTW, I head out (Lord willing) to Pennsylvania and NYC on Saturday morning for a week, so my posting may be sporadic or nonexistent until I get back. I hope my car decides it wants to go! So then, let me know what y'all think of these articles. Are they on target or are they lacking in some way? How?

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John Bugay said...

John, I really appreciated seeing this Hauerwas interview. The best line of all was the suggestion that calling 9/11 an act of war, instead of an act of murder, played into UBL's hand, making him a warrior, instead of a murderer (as he should be regarded).